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News Headlines  

Site Date is wrong !!!
News posted by Domestos
Friday 10th December 2004, 04:00am
Top of the page

The sites date is wrong , as are the updates.

Bare with us till we can fix the problem


New Stats Database
News posted by Stuhome
Wednesday 1st December 2004, 11:01pm
Top of the page

Hi there everyone.
The stats are now being copied on to the new PCFDist website. History is available too.
Cheers - Stuhome
Click here to visit.

New Website Design
News posted by Stuhome
Sunday 2nd November 2003, 09:01pm
Top of the page

Web designers required.. Graphics Guru required.Information and links required. Have a look at the New Design and if you think you can help contribute to the new Website design then go to the forum and post your comments or email me directly to the new PCFDIST Email address.Thanks

We get the 3 Million Mark again :)
News posted by Domestos
Saturday 1st November 2003, 03:01pm
Top of the page

One year on , and the tragic loss of wizray's Millions...we reach where we were a year ago.

Unfortunataly wizray (Ray) has never got his lost Work Units back , and looking at things at the moment , that is how it will stay.

Anyway , A BIG hug for all those Large and Small for your contributions :)

And heres Last years Post on us getting to 3 Milion :

3,000,000 work units crunched!!
News posted by Nemesis
Thursday 20th November 2003, 01:46pm

Well, Monday finally saw the PCF Seti Team crunch it's way pass 3,000,000 work units.

The latest team milestone taking only a mere 4 months to pass. Excellent work by the whole team.

Just a shame we drank all the champagne from the last team milestone...

PC Format Now 31st In The World
News posted by Fillado
Saturday 1st November 2003, 03:01am
Top of the page

PC Format have overtaken Microsoft, and we are now 31st in the world. Congrats to everyone who's crunched :)


  SETI News

07.12.2003 - Congratulations to the whole PCFormat SETI Team. Our efforts have paid off and we have today moved in to 37th place in the world's league of teams.Well done all.

07.12.2003 - BOINC now is Live!
SETI1 to continue for the time being but Berkeley urges people to move over to BOINC.
For me information, visit the new BOINC site :

04.12.2001 - The latest seti@home newsletter can be found here: http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/newsletters/newsletter13.html
It's a quick look at signal candidates, which can now be browsed here:

  SETI Technical News

09.12.2003 - SAH/BOINC - September 3, 2004

The SnapApp folks were here for most of the afternoon. They replaced the processors with ones that are faster and have larger caches. More importantly, we talked about how to stabilize the system. The plan is to simplify both the HW and service mix as much as possible in the hopes of removing the variable that is causing the hangs (and of course they will be going for the root cause at their lab). We altered the startup so that a bare minimal set of services are running. And we are going to only use the 18000 head unit for now, keeping no data on the sd30 expansion. This means moving some data around. We first have to move the upload/download data to a temporary volume on the sd30, then reconfigure the space on the 18000 head, then move the uldl to the head. The move to the temp volume is happening now. Tomorrow morning we will do the reconfiguration and start final move. With luck we will have the project up by EOD tomorrow.

05.12.2001 - Sorry a bit slow on this one:
OUTAGE ALERT. There will be 2 network outages in the next week for hardware upgrades. Each one will start at 13:00 GMT and should not last more than 1 hour. The first one is tomorrow, May 10, and the second one will be Thursday, May 16. Both the data server and the web site will be unavailable during these outages.

02.12.2001 - The *final* version of SetiSpy is online now, 3.1.0 corrects crahes under Windows XP, get it here:

  Site Updates


08.12.2002 - Our recent problems with the stats updates on the site have been resolved, normal service has been resumed.

08.12.2002 - We are currently having some issues with our database accepting data from the stats team, hence the lack of updates of recent days. We are trying our best to fix these problems, and hope normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

04.12.2001 - You can learn more about the interesting analysis phase of the project here:


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